About the Game

Inspired by the '90s program Neko, "Here Kitty Kitty!" is about a cat lost in the city trying to find her way home. It is up to you to guide her back to her owner Iuliia!

"Here Kitty Kitty!" was made in 6 weeks for the Pixelles Games Incubator II in 2014.

Shown at Festival Montréal Joue and the MRGS March Meetup


Use your mouse to guide Kitty back to Iuliia, but be careful! She only has 9 lives. Avoid the obstacles blocking her way as well as the dangerous vehicles and pedestrians!

Don't forget to pay attention to your score! It's counting down, so the faster you get Kitty home the better. Here's a tip: the fishes will give you a boost!

Current High Score: 7025 (by The Monster King)

Made withGameMaker: Studio